Pressure Trucks

Manatokan Oilfield Services has a substantial fleet of pressure trucks; both tandem and tridem drive units. Each is equipped with either a three by five or a four by five Gardner Denver triplex pump, capable of pump rates as high as 800 litres per minute, and pressures up to 35,000 kilopascals.

These units are used in various applications in the oilfield, from well servicing to pressure testing to tank cleaning. They are operated by highly skilled drivers, who adhere to operating guidelines laid out in an in depth operations and procedures manual. All pressure units are equipped with pressure relief valves that can be pre-set for the job to be done. In the case of, for example, pushing a blocked flow line, where the maximum pressure allowed is 3500 kpa, the pressure relief is set for that amount. On a job at a service rig where the maximum pressure required to blow a tubing drain is 31,500 kpa, the pressure is set to correspond to that amount.

All equipment on these units, such as fittings, hoses etc. are pressure rated for the maximum that the unit is capable of. And all hoses and fittings are inspected according to Manatokan’s rigorous maintenance schedule, to ensure the safety of all operations.