Semi Vac Units

Manatokan Oilfield Services has a large fleet of semi-vac units, featuring tandem axle drive tractors with tridem axle trailers. These units are used for a variety of operations, ranging from long distance fluid hauling to the daily desanding of production tanks. These units are also used for hauling drilling mud; slop fluids, etc. to disposal sites. Large payloads make them a very affordable means of moving fluid longer distances, in comparison to body job vacuum units, which are more suitable for onsite work, or hauling infield over short distances.

All units are equipped with the best vacuum systems in the industry, to provide a high quality of service that is second to none. These units are capable of loading the heaviest, most viscous materials encountered in the heavy oilfields of North-eastern Alberta with ease. We have H2S scrubbers available for the vac trucks as well as independent H2S scrubbing units and H2S neutralizing chemicals for sour locations.